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Message of Love Cheryl Shuman Promo for Sponsored by

Message of Love Cheryl Shuman Promo for Sponsored by
Music By: The Pretenders
"Message of Love"
"Teaser Reels for Presentation of to Television"
Cheryl Shuman for
Sponsored By
Represented Exclusively by:
468 North Camden Dr., #200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Hello Everyone! Thank you so very much for logging on with us. We are in the process of making presentations to television networks and cable as well as sponsors:-) I like using different music under the teases. Many people have different musical tastes so I thought this might be a fun thing to do. I'd love to hear your comments on which teaser reel you like the best along with any other thoughts you might have! We're checking out different versions of the presentation cover for different international markets. If you have any suggestions or positive comments, by all means, share your thoughts :-)


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